Who we are

Teralys Capital is a fund manager financing private venture capital funds investing in innovative businesses in information technologies, life sciences, and clean or industrial innovations. With more than $1.5 billion in assets under management across two venture capital funds of funds and a management mandate for two additional portfolios of funds, Teralys is the largest investor focused on innovation in Canada. Teralys has been supported since inception in 2009 by its many partners including the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Investissement Québec.

What We Do

Teralys Capital is committed to leading the Canadian technology venture capital industry towards a stronger future. With innovative strategies backed by a visionary management team, top tier partners and a fresh perspective, we understand how to invest efficiently in order to generate long lasting value and strong returns.

Teralys Capital invests principally in Québec and Canadian information technology, life sciences, and cleantech funds. Our partner funds cover the entire investment spectrum from early stage start-ups to expansion, growth and technology buy-outs. We also invest internationally, not only to benefit from favorable returns from established markets abroad, but also to support our leading technology funds and entrepreneurs here at home by extending their international reach and bringing back best practices from around the globe.

Furthermore, we are actively engaged in bolstering our already favorable environment for smart and profitable Canadian technology initiatives and further anchor our vibrant technology eco-system in the world economy.

Together with our primary partner funds and investors, Teralys Capital aims to bring strong, innovative Canadian technology companies to the forefront.

Where We Invest


We intend to cover the entire investment spectrum with approximately 70% of our capital targeting early stage funds and the remaining 30% in growth, expansion and technology buyout funds.

  • Start-up and early stage
  • Growth & Buyout


Our sector allocation corresponds to the industry mix with approximately 50% in information technology funds, 25% in life sciences and 25% in cleantech and other technologies.

  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Cleantech

Investment principles

As a fund of funds, Teralys Capital seeks high performing funds with a business rationale and strong interest to play an active role in the Québec landscape. These private funds are dimensioned according to their investment strategy and sector. Their structure aligns the interests of investors, general partners and stakeholders. They work with other private or international co-investors, either directly as investors in their own fund or as co-investors in their portfolio companies. Finally, they have sector-specific domain expertise, operational experience, relationships with relevant industrial partners and an international network in order to generate superior financial returns.

Economic impact

Teralys Capital pursues the path initiated in 2004 by the Fonds the de solidarité FTQ, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Investissement Québec. Since 2004, $1.3 billion has been engaged in Teralys Capital or in funds managed by Teralys Capital.

As of December 31, 2012, more than $1.2 billion has been invested in 90 Québec-based businesses by these private funds and their external co-investors. These companies generated more than $550 million in annual revenue and have allowed the creation or maintenance of close to 3000 jobs. Québec-based businesses directly received 3 dollars for each dollar committed by our Québec-based investors in these funds in order to accelerate their development.

Meet Our Team

Jacques Bernier, Eng., B. Sc.
Managing Partner

Jacques is a highly respected venture capitalist, entrepreneur and investor who’s helped shape the Canadian technological innovation scene. Through a 30 year career of contributions to the high-tech community, he has been actively involved in more than a dozen emerging high-tech companies as Founder/CEO or angel investor as well as Senior Vice-President of the Solidarity Fund QFL.  Jacques’ widely valued wisdom and experiences continue to define, develop and implement a new approach to venture capital in Québec and abroad.

Éric Legault, MBA
Managing Partner

Éric is a senior investment executive with over 15 years in the financing, strategic planning and structuring of high technology and new media opportunities. Prior to the creation of Teralys Capital, Éric was responsible for the venture capital program of the Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec as a direct and fund investor. His hands-on experience, straightforward approach and creative problem solving skills make him a key ally in supporting partner funds and entrepreneurs with solid advice, original strategies and new approaches to challenges.

Luc Couture, CA, CF

For more than 20 years, Luc has built a solid track record in the financing, evaluation and management of technology and telecom companies. Luc’s professional integrity, clear vision and creative thinking have repeatedly proven invaluable in the resolution of complex problems and analysis of opportunities. As a Senior Investment Advisor at the Solidarity Fund QFL, Luc’s developed a respected reputation as a valuable advisor in numerous M&A and financing transactions that will be key to Teralys Capital’s efficiency and returns-focused portfolio management.

Cédric Bisson

Cédric obtained an M.D. Degree from McGill University and a J.D. (law) degree from Université de Montréal. Before joining Teralys Capital, Cédric headed the healthcare activities at iNovia Capital, where he focused on building and investing in clinically meaningful opportunities in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and related areas. Previously, he was associate principal at McKinsey & Company, a large international management consulting firm. His deep expertise in life sciences will contribute in executing Teralys's strategy in this sector.

Julie Prévost, CA
Director of Finance

Julie has over 14 years experience in the accounting field and her extensive audit experience in a broad range of industries is the basis of her strong monitoring and analytical skills.  Julie is known for being pro-active and organized, which provides Teralys Capital with a structured backbone for our innovative processes and initiatives.  Julie is a Chartered Accountant, she holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from Concordia University.

Julien Guimond
CFA, MBA, B.Eng.

For over a decade, Julien has been helping entrepreneurs, investors, board members and C-level executives create, add, and preserve value. Prior to joining Teralys Capital, Julien was successively an investment banker at BMO Capital Markets, a private wealth manager at Desjardins Private Wealth Management and a mid-market investment banker at Ernst & Young Orenda. Julien holds the CFA designation, an MBA from HEC Montréal and a B.Eng. with distinction from McGill University. His passion and professionalism contribute to make Teralys Capital a partner of choice for private venture capital funds investing in information technology, life sciences or cleantech in Quebec.

Alexandre Guertin

Alexandre graduated from McGill University, including a one-year study abroad program in finance at the Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. Prior to joining Teralys Capital, Alexandre gained significant industry exposure at the Business Development Bank, one of Canada’s largest venture capital fund of funds and direct investor. Further experiences include launching innovative ventures, working at the Caisse de Dépot et Placement du Québec and L'Oréal Canada. Alexandre's entrepreneurial and professional background will be instrumental in implementing Teralys Capital's strategy on both existing portfolio and new fund investments.

Thomas Terrats

Thomas earned a B.B.A (Finance) from the European Business School Paris, and an M.Sc. in Finance from HEC Montréal Business School. After a first entrepreneurial experience participating in the business development of a start-up, Thomas contributed to the rise of Pléiade Capital, a student venture capital initiative that aims to invest in innovative companies on the HEC Montréal campus. His academic background as well as his practical experience will benefit in the implementation of Teralys investment program.